Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Alumni Get-Together Recap: 10 Things Great Bosses Know

Our alumni get-together last Friday was a success. Thank you to everyone who attended. We had a great mix of graduates - those who graduated last Saturday, and those who had to think a while before they remembered the year in which they graduated.  Congratulations to the new graduates for 2012.  Just over 130 people from 16 states graduated (some joined the commencement ceremony online via live streaming). We are happy to welcome you into our alumni network.

Jill took a little time to speak with each person so she could personalize each book she signed

The highlight of course was Jill Geisler signing her book Work Happy What Great Bosses Know.  Jill made the event fun, exciting and we learnt a lot from her topic - '10 Things Great Bosses Know'.   The feedback has been great and we look forward to having more get-togethers with our alumni. 

Let's do a recap of the event:

Upon entering the cafe, everyone was asked two questions - 'what makes you work happy?' and 'in which year did you graduate?'  It was fun reading the various answers on everyone's name tags.

Jill Geisler's name tag
We gave away another Kindle Touch 3G and Jane Rahenkamp, who graduated in 2010, was the winner.

Pat Pesyna, who handled the Kindle raffle, presenting Jane with the prize

Our alumni patiently waited their turn to get Jill to sign their book.

Alumna Annette (2012) and her guest Katy waiting to get their books signed

We had a nice mix of professors and alumni at the event, which led to some great discussions.

Alumna Denise (2003 & 2011) and Business Ethics Adjunct Professor Elisabet Rodriguez

Our Dean, Dr. Dorothy Bassett was on hand to welcome and catch up with the alumni and their guests.

Dean Bassett introducing Jill to the alumni

 Jill then spoke to the group about her book, and shared a list she created from her leadership teaching and writings - '10 things great bosses know'

1. The most important thing bosses do is help others succeed.
2. Managers cannot treat everyone the same.
3. IQ gets bosses only so far; EQ takes them to the next level.
4. People fall in love with ideas and solutions of their own creation.
5. Coaching is a critical skill.
6. Staffers must see you, not your Evil Twin.
7. Conflict doesn’t get better if it is ignored.
8. Intrinsic motivation is the most powerful.
9. Managing change is a constant responsibility.
10. Leaders inspire others.

She then took questions and we enjoyed a great discussion on leadership.

By the end of the evening, everyone went home with some Duquesne goodies. Included among these, were some handcrafted bangles made in Kenya by members of the Kamba tribe.  We gift these bangles to highlight the Global Leadership Concentration, Master of Science in Leadership program.   

I'm looking forward to our next alumni get-together.  What about you?


  1. It looks like you had a great gathering! Sorry I missed it; maybe I will be able to attend next year!

  2. Thanks Diane, we'll keep you updated on upcoming events.