Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spotlight on our Alumni: Kelvin De’Marcus Allen

It's Thursday, so time to meet another one of our great alumni. Today the spotlight is on Kelvin Allen, a multifaceted graduate residing in North Carolina.  

Tell us what you do at your job?
I am the Marketing Coordinator for Distance and Online education at North Carolina Central University. I am responsible for writing and disseminating information about our programs in the form of press releases and feature stories. I provide content for our website, design marketing collateral and manage our social networking sites, i.e., (facebook and twitter). I also counsel academic departments on best practices for marketing new and existing academic programs and services through the media.

What are your best memories about studying at SLPA? 
I thoroughly enjoyed the many reading assignments. Whether it was a chapter from a textbook, or a case study assigned to provide more clarity on a leadership topic, I always felt as though I was privy to cutting-edge information. I could be assured that my assignments were never in vain, and that I could integrate them into my work life immediately. 

Looking Back to Move Forward: Reconciling the Past - Liberating the Future
You're an author, you publish a magazine and you're on the Faculty as an Instructor at Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies. You're obviously engaged in a lot of other activities that you find meaningful.

I've always had a fascination with history. As a matter of fact, as a youngster I dreamed of one day becoming a history teacher. Although teaching history did not pan out as I imagined it would, my fascination with things, old and nearly forgotten never left me. I suppose I realized early on, just how deeply our past affects how we act, and react to everything in our lives. So armed with that bit of wisdom, I’ve managed to pursue not one, but several creative endeavors that add meaning to my life and hopefully some meaning to the lives of others.
My work as an author, documentary filmmaker and publisher constantly advances the great historian and sociologist, W.E.B. Dubois’ thesis that our collective memory as a people and our memory of personal experiences have everything to do with “our sight and strivings”, and how we perceive ourselves. Finally, I am always hopeful that my work will be an inspiration to others.

What is your leadership philosophy? 
I have a straightforward leadership philosophy, and it’s simply this, “lead by example”. Never ask anyone to do anything that you would not first do yourself. The respect you gain from your colleagues when you demonstrate this tenet, last for a lifetime. 

What book have you read or are reading right now that you would recommend? 
One of my favorite books was required reading for the SPLA program, Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership by Howard Gardner. I would definitely recommend this book. Gardner convincingly asserts that our leadership philosophies are tied to our past. He cleverly utilizes well-known historical figures to get his point across and does so with dramatic effect. A great read!


  1. You are the best!!

  2. Kelvin, I am so proud of you and the best part of you; your partner, your wife ... The beautiful, intelligent and creative Vera. I am proud of everything the two of you have accomplished and continuing to strive and achieve. There is nothing greater then family, friendship, marriage and children; except of course, are Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Love you man! - Dino

  3. Mr. Kelvin DeMarcus Allen is forever reaching for new academic, civic and personal horizons. He is an inspiration to his friends, family and colleagues. Education is not a "medal" for him it is apparently an encouragement-to-duty that calls him to greater service. We are very thankful and empowered by this!

    W. Calvin Anderson, M.Ed

  4. You know that I am the great prograstinator. However, I as always, will get around to doing what needs to be done , or said. I am so proud of you and this spotlight on your accomplishments. Your future endeavors will also be a testiment to your amazing drive.