Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spotlight on Our Alumni: Frank Hartle

As you know on Thursdays we put the spotlight on alumni, current students or the staff at SLPA.  Today we are focusing on an alum Frank Hartle.  Frank is currently the Assistant Federal Security Director, Law Enforcement at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Tell us about yourself and what you do at your job?
I am married to my wonderful wife Cari. We have six awesome kids. We currently reside in Hampton Township where we are in the process of rebuilding our house after a winter house fire. I spent 9 years as a police officer/detective with the Pittsburgh Police before moving over to the Federal Air Marshal Service. While there I spent nearly four years on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task force investigating domestic and international terrorism cases. I was promoted in 2007 within the Federal Air Marshals and moved into my current position in May of 2010. 
Aside from conducting criminal investigations, I currently serve as law enforcement expert and coordinator for TSA and the Federal Air Marshal Service supporting all transportation modes in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. I serve as the main TSA liaison to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. I also coordinate critical action teams for various modes of transportation and chair a regional aviation support and liaison team. I conduct outreach and facilitate law enforcement and intelligence information sharing to transportation stakeholders in private, governmental and commercial industries. In addition, I conduct threat assessment programs including risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments on transportation infrastructure.

Do you do any volunteer work?
I currently serve as the Emergency Management Coordinator for Hampton Township. At our church, St. Catherine’s of Sweden, my wife and I serve on the Pre-Cana team. 

What are your best memories about studying at SLPA? 
For me it was working and studying in the cohorts. We formed such a bond and were able to create a great network that extends to this day. Our cohort was like a family.

What is your leadership philosophy?
 In Luke chapter 12 it says, “Much will be required from everyone to whom much has been given. But even more will be demanded from the one to whom much has been entrusted." I believe this with all my heart. The art of the servant leader has been lost. We are called to imitate Jesus in every aspect of our lives. This includes leadership. Servant Leadership is speaking the truth, serving others, and forgiving. For the people at the top of the chain, this is a challenge. Leaders often say that they feel they will be taken advantage of if they lead with a Christian heart. Christ was never taken advantage of, he told people when they were wrong, he chased moneychangers from the synagogue and he corrected his followers but he also mentored, washed feet and most importantly forgave. The commission of leadership requires much.

What book have you read or are reading right now that you would recommend?
 I always say the Bible for this one. Get into it every night. Buy a One Year Bible and read it at bedtime. You think you have troubles, read the old testament. It’s full of messed up people that GOD commissions despite their faults. I love Killer Angels. Great book on the Civil War and a true picture of courageous leadership by Gen. Joshua Chamberlin.

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  1. I worked with Frank on the JTTF. One of the best investigators I have seen. Remarkably effective. The FBI tried to recruit him as a special agent but Frank thought moving from Pittsburgh would be bad for his family. Truly a great guy.